Saturday, January 14, 2012

I wasn't sure where I was going to go with this weeks theme. Last night I read a different challenge on another board that had to do with low light. The photo had to be taken after the sun had gone with no natural light and no direct light. I snuck into Maya's room and pushed my camera as far as it would go. SS 1/8 F2 and 6400 ISO shot with my 35 mm. I have no idea how I handheld this. I was bracing my arm using the crib, but still!

I overexposed the photo to try to reduce the noise as much as possible. Even so I had to reduce noise PP in light room. I had no idea where to even begin adjusting white balance, so everything else is SOOC.

Here is the BW conversion.

So how does it play into this weeks theme?

The only light coming in was through the 'open' door from the hallway. As far as responsibility, well that is the never ending job of a parent.

I am looking forward to seeing what next week's project is going to be. I still have to take my photos for ladies with cameras this month, along with a second monthly challenge and finish Maya's second birthday photos. Yeesh, I am going to be busy!

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